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I have the privilege of being paid to help NGOs and Eco-Friendly brands reach their audience, tell their stories and make an impact in the world through SEO and Eco Web Design.

In the process, I regularly come across tactics and strategies that are greatly underused in the green sector online. Tactics that helped me grow my own snake conservation project,  save snakes, sell green products and get out of debt (more on that later).

In the tiniest of niches, the website grew to over 2000 unique visitors per day in 2018.

Organic seo growth for a snake website
My first glimpse into the power of SEO

I began to get more emails, phone calls, and offers to be on local radio stations than I knew how to handle. This would be my first glimpse into the power of SEO for green brands.

People were regularly in contact either looking for help or to thank me for the impact that I’d made in their life.

Higher search rankings and more traffic meant that my message was reaching far more people than I had dreamed possible. Which, also, resulted in more work.

Work which I wasn’t charging for (a labour of love).

At the same time, I was working as the environmental manager of a small wetland Nature Reserve. I loved the work but, sadly, environmental budgets had been cut and the salary barely covered my already modest living arrangements.

As I slowly sunk deeper into debt I realised I had to do something. And then, in walked our soon-to-be even better friend – SEO.I uncovered a great product opportunity, developed and implemented an SEO strategy, and promoted the product on my website.

It didn’t take long to get first-page rankings as the niche wasn’t overly competitive, and before long I was making some respectable sales.

Snake product invoice
My first decent financial SEO win.

In a few months, I was out of debt and had SEO to thank for it. And even better than money were the opportunities that came as a result of my exposure online.

I started working for a well know Environmental NGO and later helped discover a snake species that was only months from being declared officially extinct in the wild.

National Geographic headline
I think I embarrassed my collegue with the hugging statement 🙂

All this and more thanks to the exposure I gained from ranking highly in the SERPS

But then the seemingly inevitable happened again – our project ran out of enough money to keep it going properly. Both myself and my colleague were forced to find new work unrelated to the project we loved.

That coupled with compounding life events (like a global pandemic you might have heard of) led me on a different path.

I decided to combine my environmental sector knowledge with my digital marketing skillset and create this website to help eco-friendly brands and environmental NGOs to get more traffic, memberships, and sales to their respective brands.

Here at Metalynx.eu we want to share everything that we learn. Completely free.

You might be skeptical so I’ll explain why:

Besides being a strong proponent of environmental justice, our company helps large companies and organisations grow their search engine traffic and increase revenue.

The more we share and the more helpful we are the more requests we get for our services. It’s actually a beautiful synergy of give-and-take which, in the end, is only helping to bake sustainability into these brands which is very much in line with our vision.

So, if you’re ready to start learning what it takes to grow your green brand online from a vegan, nature-loving South African, living in Sweden (that’s me) then click the button to get exclusive insights as we uncover them.

Even if you’ve been involved in digital marketing for your brand for some time, I’m committed to finding new actionable information that will help take your brand to the next level.

Or, for no reason other than just letting me know what you’re working on. There are so many amazing projects and initiatives out there, they give me hope for the future of our planet – I’d love to hear about yours.

What They’re Saying

“Grant knows SEO and the environmental industry equally well – quite a rare combination.”
Vard Aman
Cape Snake Conservation
“If you’re working with nature and need more exposure online, Grant’s content is invaluable.”
Byron Loubser
Human Wildlife Solutions
“his willingness to share knowledge is testament to his passion for environmental sustainability.”
Bridget Jonker
NZ Landcare Trust